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How to Share Wi-Fi and Hotspot on iPhone with One Touch?

If you are having an IOS11, You can share your wifi without typing the password. You can share your Wi-Fi network and Hotspot connection without revealing the actual password. By using this fantastic feature you can allow your friends to use your Wi-Fi even you don't remember your Wi-Fi Password.

Share WI-Fi Network on your iPhone without Password - Now it is possible to share your Wi-Fi password with your friends, relative at your family party. iPhone repair Read on this article to get the Idea about How to do this. So let's assume your friends are continuously requesting to join the same network by selecting the SSID.

When your Phone popup and ask to share a Wi-Fi the password you have to tap on the popup for sharing your Wi-Fi password. When you allow making communication your friend has to wait for a few seconds until I tap on the share password button the popup. Your friend's password will automatically get the password and join the network.

Share Hotspot on your iPhone without the Password - Same as above you can share hot spots from your iPhone with colleagues, friends and whatever you want. Turned on your Hotspot sharing on your iPhone and try to connect with your iPhone Hotspot. When your friend tries to join your Network on iPhone Hotspot You will get a popup when he tries to connect with your Hot Spot. This pop-up window will ask for permission to join the network on your Hotspot. After taping on the shared hotspot your iPhone will start to make communication with your friend's iPhone by sharing the password that didn't send from your side. The other person can automatically join the network without typing any password. Are you still having any confusion Go to the iPhone repair technician who can do all this job for you.